Courses Offered through Eastern Online

How Do Online Courses Work?

Read the following information carefully:

Enrollment in an Eastern Online course requires the student to acknowledge receipt of the Eastern Online Student Policy. Students are responsible for reading and adhering to the policies outlined on the Eastern Online website and should contact Eastern Online if there are questions or concerns about any aspects of the registration, enrollment on Canvas, completion timelines, etc.

Eastern Online Credits

Credits will be considered in-state residence credits.

Eastern Online courses are considered to be self-support and the costs for credits are charged separately and apart from on-campus tuition. Tuition is based on the current EWU undergraduate or graduate in-state per credit rate for both in-state and out-of-state residents. Self-support tuition is not included in the 10-18 credit full-time tuition.


Prerequisites for Eastern Online courses are the same as for regular campus courses and must be satisfied prior to enrollment unless waived by the instructor.

Grades & Eastern Online Credits

EWU Eastern Online course credits are based on the quarter system. and are based on the same timelines as the EWU quarter timeline. Grades are computed in the quarter in which the student is registered as part of a student's grade point average and appear on the official EWU transcript. 

Numerical grades are assigned for all Eastern Online courses. Students may select a Pass or No Credit grading option for certain courses during the registration process. Grade option changes are accepted within the first 10 days of enrollment.

Students will be able to view final course grades by accessing EagleNet or by contacting Eastern Online and providing identification. To obtain written confirmation of final grades, please request an "official" transcript (see Transcripts).


Extensions for quarter-based courses are determined by the course instructor.

Teacher Certification

Eastern Online credits are generally accepted for teacher certification. Teachers are encouraged to check with their school districts to ensure these courses meet the districts' recertification and pay increment criteria.

Transfer of Credits

For transfer of EWU Eastern Online credits to other institutions, students are encouraged to contact the other institutions regarding credit transfer criteria. Transcript information can be found at


This provides a general guideline of Eastern Online courses offered by Eastern Washington University. The classes and programs described herein are implemented at the sole discretion of EWU and are subject to change at any time without notice. Information contained about classes and programs is illustrative only and is not intended to create any contractual obligation or covenant with EWU.

Limitation of Liability

Eastern Washington University’s total liability for claims arising from a contractual relationship with the student in any way related to classes or programs shall be limited to the tuition and expenses paid by the student to EWU for those classes or programs. In no event shall EWU be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of earnings or profits.

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