Required Accounts

Note: Below is information about the accounts EWU students are required to have in order to receive university correspondence and to access all university services. Some of these account types require your student ID. If you have lost or do not remember your student ID number there are instructions at the end of this page on how to recover it.

NetID and Single Sign-on

EWU uses a Single Sign-on (SSO) to allow students to move between multiple secure webpages and services while only requiring students to log in once. Services that currently use the SSO include EagleNet, EagleAXIS, and Canvas, among others. Your SSO username is the same as your NetID account. Your password is the same one you would use to log into email, the computer lab or EWU’s Wi-Fi. Click here to look up your account name or reset your password.

EagleNet Account

All Eastern students are required to activate an EagleNET account. This account is used to register for classes, pay bills, order transcripts, and check grades. Activation of an EagleNet account requires your student ID number. You may also log into EagleNet using the Single Sign-on.

Student Email

All Eastern students are required to have an Eagles email address. Official university email is only sent to this address. Additionally, Eastern Online will only send information (e.g. registration confirmations) to this email address. Set up an Eagles Email account. Creation of a student email account requires your student ID number.


Eastern Online courses are offered through Canvas. You may log into Canvas using the Single Sign-on. You will receive information about your Canvas online course through your Eagles email account.

Finding Your Student ID Number

If you do not know your student ID number, contact the EWU Help Desk or the Eastern Online office for assistance.