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Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery-Revised (WJ-R)

Authors:Richard W. Woodcock and M. Bonner Johnson

Purpose: Provides a conormed set of tests for measuring cognitive abilities and academic achievement.

Ages: 2-90+

Grades: K.0-16.9

Administration Time: Varies; approximately 5 minutes per subtest

Scores: SS; GE; AE; PR; RMI; instructional ranges; developmental level bands. Yields individual test scores plus cluster scores.

Reliability:Internal coefficients in the mid-.90s for clusters.

Validity: Correlations in the .60 to .70 range when compared to other cognitive abilities or achievement tests.

Standardized on more than 6,300 subjects, ages 2 to 90+ years.

A separate manual, the WJ-R Technical Manual, provides detailed information on test development, standardization, and the technical features of the WJ-R. A summary of this information is included in the Examiner's Manual that accompanies each test.

Tests of Cognitive Ability

    The WJ-R Tests of Cognitive Ability are constructed on a research-based, multi-factored model of intelligence, the Horn-Cattell Theory of Intelligence, an extension of the Gf-Gc theory. This allows you to look at cognitive abilities in new and innovative ways. Not only will you be able to obtain a broad cognitive ability (BCA), or full scale score, you will be able to determine strengths and weaknesses in how the individual processes information. There are eight cognitive abilities measured in the WJ-R.

Tests of Achievement

    The WJ-R Tests of Achievement provide a complete assessment of reading, mathematics, written language, and knowledge. The tests examine basic skills in each area, as well as an application of those skills. There are four areas of achievement measured in the WJ-R.

    The WJ-R Tests of Achievement has two parallel forms available, Form A and Form B. Alternating use of these two forms reduces a subject's familiarity with specific item content and allows you flexibility when retesting the same subject.

Spanish Form

The entire Woodcock-Johnson--Revised is available in Spanish.
It is called the Batería-R.

Related Software

Compuscore for the WJ-R

This user-friendly program generates scores for an unlimited number of subjects. Simply enter subject identification data and raw scores for any tests administered. In addition to all derived scores, developmental level bands for the cognitive tests and instructional ranges for the achievement tests will be reported. When the necessary tests have been administered, Compuscore calculates all three types of discrepancies: intracognitive, aptitude/achievement, and intra-achievement.

Compuscore for the WJ-R

More information on Compuscore for the WJ-R

Report Writer for the WJ-R

This computer software assists in writing narrative reports based on the WJ-R tests administered. The computer-generated report accurately describes a subject's performance. Interpretive statements written by Dr. Woodcock provide valuable insights. Users may select a comprehensive or a summary report. Program flexibility allows examiners to add their own clinical insights and recommendations to each report through built-in word processing capabilities. The scoring function is built into the Report Writer, so that accurate test results are incorporated into the report. In addition, a table of scores is generated for each report that summarizes all test results in one to two pages.

Report Writer for the WJ-R

Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program (WSIP)

The Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program is a computer scoring and reporting program especially designed for examiners using one or more of the following tests:

  • Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery--Revised
  • Batería Woodcock-Muñoz--Revisada
  • Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery--Revised, English or Spanish Form

Examiners can administer tests from any one, or any combination, of these batteries and an integrated, narrative report will be generated which will explain and interpret scores.

The program will provide a variety of reports, depending on the need of the examiner. These include a comprehensive report, customized report, or summary report. Each report includes a table of all scores for the tests and clusters administered. The summary report can be printed in both English and Spanish. The program also includes a feature that allows users to launch the report into a word-processing program for editing or integration with other assessment information.

The Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program was developed with careful attention to the ethical parameters of computer-generated documentation. The statements generated by the report are authored by Dr. Richard W. Woodcock, and the decision rules for interpretation are determined solely by the statistical properties of the batteries.

Professionals who use the Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program can be confident of the accuracy and validity of the text that is selected to describe a subject's unique abilities. They can also be confident in the procedures that are used to determine and describe the presence or severity of any psychoeducational discrepancies.

Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program

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