Melissa Huggins is the director of Get Lit! Programs. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Eastern Washington University and a BA in English Literature from Pacific Lutheran University. One of her favorite Get Lit! Festival moments happened in 2004, when Kurt Vonnegut Jr. told the audience before dancing his way offstage: "No matter how bad things get, the music will still be wonderful." 

The Get Lit! Programs office relies on a range of student talent. Student assistants from various majors work through year-long internships. Their dedication is crucial to the success of Get Lit! Programs. Several classes also participate in preparations for the festival. For example, the poster design is selected from a Visual Communication and Design class contest and the festival surveys are created and analyzed by a marketing class. Get Lit! strives to create an interactive learning environment that connects all members of the community. Special thanks to all of our interns and Get Lit! participants. 

Tim Pringle is the Get Lit! Programs Assistant Coordinator. He received his BA from EWU in 2011 where he was swayed away from the scientific methodology of the Pyschology department to the chaotic happenings of the Creative Writing classrooms (conveniently after earning just enough credits for a psych minor, of course). Currently completing his MFA in Poetry at Eastern, he escapes the madness of it all by spending time in the garden or riding around on skateboards and bikes.

Kyle Capogna is a first-year Nonfiction MFA student at Eastern Washington University. Originally from Michigan, she's spent the past eight years moving and working all sorts of jobs from book publishing in New York City to higher education in Boston. Her most memorable job was the summer she spent during college working in a cemetery. She holds an MA in English from Ohio University, and when she's not teaching, writing, or going to class, she can be found singing karaoke or taking long walks that hopefully turn into hikes.

Jody J. Sperling studies Fiction writing at Eastern Washington University where he is in pursuit of an MFA. With the help of his wife, he has coauthored one son and has reached a tentative contract for publication of a forthcoming sequel, due in late 2013.

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