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Note: To request an author, please contact Melissa Huggins at 509.359.6977 or   

Here are the steps to follow when bringing an author to your school:
  1. From the list of authors we provide, identify a first and second choice
  2. With reference to your school activities calendar, pick several possible dates between December and May for the visit
  3. Contact Melissa Huggins, the Get Lit! Programs Coordinator, at with your authors and dates
  4. We will finalize the date with the author and then put you in contact with them
  5. Correspond with the author about ideas and goals
  6. Send both the author and the program coordinator a tentative schedule for the day (authors usually work 4-5 hour long sessions)
  7. Once the details are set, we will send out an invoice, payable within 30 days
  8. Arrange activities to prepare students for the visit (see below)
  9. Two weeks prior to the visit, be sure to touch base with the author about the final schedule
  10. After the visit, send feedback to the program coordinator. Please indicate the number of participants and provide comments on the author's presentation and workshops, making special note of how students seemed to benefit from the visit.
To prepare students for your author's visit:
  • purchase copies of the author's books for the school library and/or for individual classrooms
  • read excerpts from the author's work to students
  • ask students to illustrate a scene from one of the books
  • create welcome banners
  • brainstorm questions for the author.
OPTIONS TO CONSIDER: Some schools choose to invite more than one author to visit in a single day so that each author can target specific grade levels. Other schools have found it helpful to arrange for a number of different authors to visit throughout the year so that students will be exposed to a range of genres and styles.

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