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Join Eastern Washington University as we engage the Inland Northwest community in a celebration of the written word. Together, through an annual literary festival and educational outreach projects, we will promote reading, writing, and storytelling for all age levels.
While we welcome donations at any level, to become a Lit! Lover, we are asking you for a pledge between $50 and $100, plus a commitment that you will tell two friends who might match your donation to Get Lit! Programs.

Eastern’s College of Arts and Letters hopes for many more years of community arts engagement through programs like Get Lit!  Your support is needed to continue bringing quality top-literary programs to the Inland Northwest.














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Other Sponsorship Options 

Companies and organizations can also offer direct support to Get Lit! Programs in a number of ways. You can become a title sponsor of Get Lit! Programs, underwrite a specific festival event, sponsor an educational outreach program at a school, host a fundraising event—like a Book Ball—during the festival, or make an in-kind offer to Get Lit! Programs.

We encourage you to become affiliated with a nationally recognized program while helping to:

  •  Underwrite internationally and nationally acclaimed writers and poets
  •  Spotlight Northwest authors and their work
  •  Expand the reach of this annual literary festival to people throughout the region
  •  Insure that the festival remains affordable, offering many events free to students and the public
  •  Increase outreach to schools throughout the region and inspire future authors
  •  Engage children in the excitement of reading and writing and improve literacy

For more information about sponsorship opportunities for your company or organization, please contact the following:

Melissa Huggins, Director, Get Lit! Programs or 509.359.6977

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It takes a community that cares about art and literature to make Get Lit! a success. Thank you for being part of it.

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