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What Teachers Are Saying About the Author Tour Program

"A parent who had two students involved in [the visiting author's] presentation said this, 'I was excited that they made a connection to their lives and family experiences. It is very rewarding to see them so excited about learning and new expericences.' "

"[The visiting author] is well prepared, gives them great feedback in their poetry journals, and in teaching them about the structure of poetry/form, which I appreciate. The lessons and 'practice' is specific and she has thought through her objectives carefully."

"[The visiting author] was a great. She is energetic, outgoing, interesting and works well with large groups. We really enjoyed her!"

"[The visiting author]  did an excellent job of explaining the writing process and how to get books published. [She] brought along with her many of her rejection letters to show the students to never give up on something. [She] also had a nice surprise with her; she had on hand the new book she was working on and pictures that had just be approved for the book."

 "[The visiting author] did a wonderful brainstorming activity with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. She had them imagine being an animal. They needed to totally imagine being that animal. Then after they imagined the animal, they could think about how they would write about the animal."

"The visit was a great success and our faculty and students loved [the visiting author] and everything she shared with us."

"Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed both presentations and the time spent with the author."

"[The visiting author] really went through the writing process with the kids - reinforcing what is taught in the classroom - she made all the kids feel like authors."

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