Get Lit! Festival - 2012

Join us April 10-15, 2012, when the Get Lit! Festival focuses on writers who “Capture the World.” Intriguing characters from different cultures get sandwiched inside the cover of a book. Villains are chased from word to word and chapter to chapter in a crime novel. Memories stretch like taffy between the lines of a poem. A moment in time is expertly framed inside the margins of an essay. This is the alchemy of an author and the power of a poet.

Mark your calendar for the 14th annual festival as we encourage local writers to use their craft to connect to the world at large.

All Get Lit! Festival information can be found here on our website. In addition, a physical program guide, including a calendar, is printed each year by The Inlander and can be found on Inlander racks on March 29.

Get Lit! 2012 Festival Resources:

  • For information on the Get Lit! 2012 Festival Authors, click here.

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It takes a community that cares about art and literature to make Get Lit! a success. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters!