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"It was a huge pleasure to be there, to listen to the students quite literally embody the poems. It was one of the best ways to spend a day I could think of."Sam Green, former Washington State Poet Laureate

Teacher testimonials 
"Two of my students fell in love for the first time with words. They gained an understanding of the power of words.  It was very cool to watch."
“I was wary of using recitation and memorization in the classroom, but this program helped me to understand that it is such an important part of poetry …. I'm planning to use more recitation and memorization next year in my classes."
"I loved engaging students in an English/academic activity that gave them an opportunity for recognition for something besides athletics!"
"You will be amazed at the growth in appreciation of poetry and in the growth in your students. Every participant is a success story. Every one grows from the experience.”
“I have worked with students reading far below grade level. For them, though they felt great trepidation about presenting even in front of their own class, Poetry Out Loud was a novel experience. Their self confidence soared once they realized that they could present aloud in front of their peers."
Student testimonials
“Poetry Out Loud has enriched my own writing in terms of discovering ways of stringing together words to create different sounds and sensory images.”
“When you have to recite a poem, you make it your own.”
“I’m not your typical athlete anymore.  I now recite poetry.”
“Sometimes the biggest accomplishment is conquering your fear.”
“I gained confidence in myself.  If I can do something like that, I can excel in other things, too.”
In my own writing, doing Poetry Out Loud has helped me write with voice and expression, especially in my own poetry that I have written.”
“Poetry is a song within itself. It has its own beat, its own rhythm, its own flow.”
“Poetry has become a whole new, fluent language for my heart and soul, something that I am able to share with other people because they understand too. It’s all about things everybody goes through. To be able to communicate that to others…really makes a difference in people’s lives.”
“I am so blessed to have another opportunity to compete at nationals. It blows my mind that all of this came from a simple sophomore English assignment. The past years have taught me key techniques that are going to make all the difference at nationals. This year, I’ve worked harder than ever and I’m hoping my work will pay off. I can’t wait!”Kevin Ma, Mead High School, Washington State 2009 Runner Up

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